Fasting for Breastfeeding Mothers

Written by: Redaksi

Manfaat Puasa Bagi Ibu Menyusui, Jangan Takut ASI Seret!

Ramadan is the month that requires every Muslim to fast during the whole month. Islam gives dispensation for breastfeeding mothers not to fast, but if Mommy still wants to fast, it will make Mommy wonder. In fact, fasting does not affect the amount of breast milk, because even though Mommy doesn’t eat for 14 hours, the milk composition will not be changed or the milk quality will not be reduced. 

During fasting, the body will do natural compensation mechanisms which that take up nutrients such as energy, fat, and protein as well as vitamins and minerals through nutrient reserves in the body. During the fasting break, the body will replace the original nutrients in reserve, so that Mommy will not lack nutrients to maintain a healthy body condition during fasting.

The breast milk composition will be reduced if Mommy suffers from severe malnutrition because the person suffering from malnutrition no longer has nutrient reserves to supply the complete milk production. 

Here are the tips on fasting while breastfeeding:

The intake of balanced nutrition menu

The breastfeeding Mommy requires an additional 700 calories per day, 500 calories taken from food consumed, and 200 calories taken from fat reserves in the body. Therefore, Mommy needs to pay attention to the diet of no less than 3 times a day with a balanced nutrition menu. The time of the meals may be during the fasting break, after tarawih (ramadhan night prayer) and early breakfast. 

Consume more water

The breastfeeding Mommy should drink at least two liters a day, complemented with fruit juice and milk. During fasting, it is recommended to drink warm drinks as well to stimulate the smooth breastfeeding.

Enough rest

If you feel weak during fasting, try to have a rest for a moment and calm the mind so that Mommy’s condition will be well-maintained.