Acid-Rich Foods to Meet the Folate Needs of Pregnant Women

Written by: Redaksi

Makanan Kaya Asam Untuk Memenuhi Folat Kebutuhan Ibu Hamil

During pregnancy, a woman needs to pay attention to nutritional intake more than before pregnancy. If Mommy used to eating something tasty, Mommy should be able to control it during pregnancy. Not all tasty foods are healthy to eat especially those containing too much oil, cholesterol, fat, sugar, and salt.

Mommy is advised to consume more healthy foods like green vegetables, fruits, and foods rich in protein and rich in folic acid intake since pregnancy preparation. This consumption is important in addition to support fetal growth and pregnancy health, as well as to address the emerging problem of pregnancy such as constipation, nausea, and dizziness.

Rich in Benefits

Folic acid or vitamin B9 is a very important component in pregnancy nutrition. They are compounds that useful for moving a single carbon. Why is this important?

The DNA formation of the fetus occurs during pregnancy. Adequate consumption of folic acid led to the formation and DNA synthesis went so well that greatly affect the development of fetus and health, normality, and the intelligence of the fetus when he is growing up. In fact, studies have shown that consuming folic acid sufficiently will reduce 40% of the autism risk in the fetus conceived.

In addition to preventing autism and fetal brain growth, folic acid is also beneficial to the development of the spine. Folic acid deficiency causes the synthesis and cell divisions are not smooth and often cause blood disorders, diseases of the tongue, digestive disorders, and inhibit wound healing. It is difficult to heal wounds because white blood cells cannot work properly.

With this important function, consuming folic acid becomes mandatory for Mommy. Every pregnant woman must consume folic acid at least a month before the pregnancy until a month after giving birth. It is very beneficial to the health and intelligence of the newborn. 

Natural Resources

Naturally there are a variety of foods rich in folic acid. Green vegetables such as spinach and water spinach are very rich in these substances. In addition, grains, eggs, yeast, lean meat, whole cereal, orange, and liver are also rich in this folic acid.

Fruits are beneficial during pregnancy, although it does not contain high folic acid except orange, because it has other nutrients which are needed. So eating fruits is highly recommended. However, for the consumption of the liver, although rich in folic acid specifically beef liver should be avoided because they contain a lot of vitamin A, which in excess amounts can interfere with pregnancy.

However, there are some other reasons which make the body experience folic acid deficiency in addition to a lack of food consumption. Alcohol consumption, problems in the absorption of nutrients by the body, too rapid cell division and the metabolism is not smooth also leads to a deficiency of folic acid. Therefore, in addition to consuming foods rich in folic acid, it is recommended for Mommy to conduct a healthy living and check the pregnancy regularly to the obstetrician to determine any changes.