Fulfilling the Need of Folic Acid Before Pregnancy

Written by: Redaksi Klikdokter.com

Penuhi Asupan Asam Folat Sebelum Hamil

There are many nutritional needs that must be completed by women who want to be pregnant. Not only nutrition for pregnant women during pregnancy but also nutrition during the pregnancy preparation. There are many people who ignore this matter, but keep in mind that a healthy body will provide a healthy ovary. 

Therefore, prior to pregnancy, Mommy really needs to maintain the health condition by completing all nutritional needs required to improve the health and also increase the chance to get pregnant.

One of the nutrition which is highly needed is folic acid. Folic acid is really essential in order to increase the possibility of having a baby. The focus of folic acid is to provide the best nutrition for the ovaries.

What Is Folic Acid?

Many people might not get the knowledge regarding the folic acid completely. Folic acid is very influential in DNA metabolism and deficiency in folic acid may result in certain disorders. 

Well, folic acid itself is a vitamin which is also water soluble and is also known as vitamin B9. Folic acid is essential in the formation of red blood cells and white blood cells. Folic acid is needed by the body to be able to resist interference in red blood cells, colon, cervix of the uterus and also white blood cells.

Therefore, folic acid is highly needed by pregnant women or for women who really want to have a pregnancy in order to have high quality ovaries. In addition, folic acid can reduce the risk of metabolic disorders of DNA. 

Foods rich in folic acid which can support a pregnancy nutrition are as follows : green vegetables, dried beans, fruits such as tomatoes and citrus, cereals, turnips, and sunflower seeds. Folic acid can also be obtained from the liver and eggs, as well as of products made from wheat.

Mommy also needs to know that folic acid is very sensitive to light and can dissolve in water very quickly. In order to reduce the loss of folic acid, it is better that the foods are presented in raw form, for example a salad.

High Quality Ovaries 

For women who want a pregnancy, they need at least four months to prepare for a healthy body condition by continuously consuming sufficient intake of folic acid.

Before pregnancy, the body condition should be improved by consuming 400 micrograms of folic acid every day, Mommy can prevent the possibility of abnormalities in the ovaries. With healthy ovaries, then various problems with the fetus will be avoided such as cleft lip and birth defects.

Consume two glasses of milk every day can also provide adequate folic acid intake and this is certainly very good for Mommy’s health.