Folic Acid as Healthy Foods for Pregnant Women

Written by: Amicis

Asam Folat Makanan yang Sehat untuk Menu Ibu Hamil

Nutrients such as folic acid is essential for pregnant mommy. Folic acid is one of the nutrients that must be present in healthy foods for pregnant women. The content of folic acid is essential for mommy to avoid fetal abnormalities. In addition, folic acid also functions in avoiding defects in infants, helps the formation of red blood cells, the healthy functioning of the brain and the body's DNA repair for pregnant women.

Besides as nutrition of pregnant women, folic acid is also important for the baby. For some mommies, it is quite difficult to determine healthy foods for pregnant women that contain folic acid. That's why this article will discuss some of these foods. The main source of this nutrient is fruit and green vegetables. However, there are some other foods recommended for consumption. 

1. Strawberry. Rich in Vitamin C, Strawberries are also useful as a supplier of high levels of folic acid. Many experts recommend the intake of 8 small strawberries per day. Consuming this amount per day will be sufficient for folic acid.

2. Orange. Most mommies certainly like oranges. In addition to its delicious taste, oranges also work best in providing the best of folic acid intake for mommy. A citrus fruit is believed to give a 20% intake of folic acid. That is more than enough to be consumed per day.

3. Avocado. Avocado is a good source of vitamin E. The fruit is an alternative supplier of folic acid in addition to green vegetables.

4. Banana. Many mommies underestimate bananas, while eating as many as three bananas a day is very beneficial. This quantity already meets at least one third of folic acid that mommy needs.

5. Nuts. Eating nuts is proven beneficial to supply the folic acid. In addition to nuts, mommy can also find folic acid content in PRENAGEN Esensis Milk.