Easy to Meet Nutrition During Breastfeeding

Written by: Redaksi Klikdokter.com

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Babies need good nutrition for the body to grow to perfection. Infant nutrition intake is mainly obtained through breast milk. For babies who cannot be given complementary foods of breast milk or infants aged less than 6 months, breast milk is the only source of nutrients. 

It is often found that infants aged less than 6 months have been consumed infant formula or porridge. Mommy needs to know that this should be avoided because the best source of nutrition for infants is solely through the breast milk. 

Many cases have shown that a mother cannot breastfeed the baby due to several reasons such as the milk does not come out, the milk tastes bitter, and so on. This is so unfortunate, because if the Mommy wants to see the baby grow up in a healthy and perfect condition, then it is advisable to give an exclusive breastfeeding at least until the baby reaches 6 months old. To produce the high quality breast milk for breastfeeding mothers, there are certain nutrients that must be completed. 

Proper Nutrition Intake

Food is the main source of nutrition for breastfeeding mother. When Mommy is in breastfeeding period, Mommy should really pay attention to the intake of nutrients for the body. Nutrition is not only important to support the quality of breast milk, but also beneficial to the health of breastfeeding mothers themselves.

The main source of breast milk composition is the essential nutrients contained in the mother’s body. Therefore, Mommy needs to be smart in choosing the foods for breastfeeding mothers which are beneficial for Mommy and the baby. 

There is a wide variety of good food to improve the nutrition for breastfeeding mothers, among others, salmon, lean beef, nuts, green vegetables, oranges, blueberries, brown rice, eggs, and cereals or wheat bread. The above mentioned foods are highly recommended for women who are breastfeeding.

Mommy can choose a variety of foods as the main menu for Mommy. Mommy should consume a different menu every day in order to have better nutritional intake. Avoid eating the same menu such as eating eggs every day, because it will cause side effects. 

Special Milk for Breastfeeding Mothers 

In addition to consuming nutritious foods, it is advisable for Mommy to drink a special formula for breastfeeding mothers. This kind of milk is very important to maintain health of the mother and also provide nutrients for the baby.

When Mommy has a problem such as an allergy to milk, it is better to consult the doctor to provide complementary drinks equivalent to the efficacy of milk. Mommy is also expected to consume adequate amount of mineral water. Water will also help to boost the breast milk supply.