Health Checks in Early Pregnancy

Written by: Amicis

Cek Kesehatan Pada Awal Kehamilan

Health checks in early pregnancy are recommended to maintain the condition of Mommy and the fetus during pregnancy. Examinations are conducted regularly to monitor the pregnancy from the beginning of pregnancy until the time of delivery in order to achieve the birth of a healthy baby and to detect the disease which might occur during early pregnancy. 

In early pregnancy (first trimester), the things to be checked are Mommy's medical history and the actual determination of gestational age. The examination is carried out in two stages,  namely a physical examination and internal check (laboratory). General physical examination includes blood pressure and weight. The internal checks (laboratory) include checks on vagina, cervix, hemoglobin, blood group, urine, rhesus, torch, and hepatitis.

If there are abnormalities or complications in early pregnancy examination, it is recommended to consult an obstetrician, and if the pregnancy is healthy, the pregnancy checks may be still conducted to monitor the condition of Mommy and the fetus during pregnancy.