Stay Healthy During Pregnancy by Choosing the Right Bra

Written by: Redaksi

Hamil Sehat dan Nyaman Dengan Memilih Bra Yang Benar

One thing that is also important during pregnancy is comfort, including the convenience of using a bra. To feel comfortable, choose bra material that is soft and strong. Additionally, select the material which easily absorbs sweat like cotton. With this material, pregnant mommy can live healthily and comfortably. 

Indeed, there are several other convenient synthetic materials. However, these materials often hamper the sweat out of the body, so that it may attract bacteria that cause many health problems and the smell of sweat.

In addition to materials, the design of the bra is also important. Choose a bra with wide shoulder straps. Mommy’s breast size will enlarge during pregnancy. Wide shoulder straps will be able to support the breasts. Mommy will be able to move more freely. 

Avoid Bra with Wire Buffer

Wire buffer risking injury to the mommy’s breast and so eventually mommy cannot undergo healthy pregnant. Breasts will be more vulnerable because usually during pregnancy mommy breasts will be softer than usual.

Choose Loose Bra Size

The following must be considered is the size of bra. Choose loose-fitting bra size. Mommy can choose one size larger than usual size and select a bra that has no folds inside. Folds inside the bra can make mommy nipples blisters. In addition, bra cup size is also important. The method to get the right size is to measure the inches. First, measure the circumference of a circle mommy's chest just below the bust and then add the results of these measurements with 5. The result is the size of bra straps for mommy.

After that, measure the circumference of the breast right in the middle. Subtract the results with the results of this first bra strap size. After getting the results, add 3 inches. If the result has 1 inch difference, meaning that mommy has an A cup, 2 inches means mommy has B cup size. Continue this calculation until the largest cup size.

Choose the Right Bra Design 

Bra design is also important. Choose a bra with rear openings. This design will be able to refute mommy’s breast. Does mommy have large breast size? If yes, mommy needs to choose a thin bra. This bra can be well rested and comfortable to wear. To keep clean, wash a bra every day using mild soap as detergent might damage the softness of the fabric. 

Hopefully by following the above tips, mommy can have a healthy and comfortable pregnancy  until the baby is born.