5 Ways to Make Your Pregnancy Run Smoothly and Enjoyably

Written by: Redaksi Klikdokter.com

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For many women, pregnancy is one of the most eagerly awaited after the wedding. However, pregnancy is not a haphazard thing that can wait without any preparation. If mommy is planning to get pregnant after marriage, it would be great if mommy prepares for pregnancy well.

Many women do not do research to find out what is needed so that the pregnancy period will be the happiest and most healthful period. In fact, without careful planning, many women wasted the golden opportunity to get the most favorable conditions for pregnancy. By planning a pregnancy ahead of time, mommy can convince herself that mommy and her body is ready for pregnancy.

How do I prepare for pregnancy?

Here are 5 tips of pregnancy preparation that mommy can do. Mommy does not need to feel burdened with these tips. So, mommy just have to be relaxed in doing so.

Tip 1, is to start in the begining. Several months before mommy’s plan to become pregnant, mommy should do some preparations. 1 to 3 months is the time needed. Make an appointment for consultation about pregnancy preparation with a gynecologist to perform routine physical examination and PAP test. By performing these tests, mommy will know about the health of mommy’s body.

Tip 2, is to check the medicine. Some medications are safe to use during pregnancy but some others are not safe to use. If mommy is in the treatment period, mommy needs to ask for an explanation about this to the doctor before mommy actually got pregnant. By knowing it early, mommy gives her body time to adapt to the situation.

Tip 3, is to go to the dentist. A visit to the dentist is very important to do before mommy get pregnant. Perhaps mommy thinks of this as a funny thing, but the bacteria in the mouth can affect the growth of the baby in the stomach. In addition, if mommy requires an action to improve the condition of mommy’s teeth, the doctor can do it immediately before mommy is pregnant.

Tip 4, is to eliminate stress. Many stories of pregnancy said that high levels of stress are not good friends to get pregnant. If you are planning a pregnancy, this is the right time to relieve stress and get peace of mind. Eliminate the cause of stress by doing a variety of activities such as relaxing yoga, meditation, writing, sports, and so forth.

Tip 5, is exercising. As it is already stated before, the exercise is the right thing to relieve stress. But it turns out there are many other advantages. The first, of course, making mommy healthier. A healthy body will be easy to get pregnant. Exercise will give mommy more energy and a better night sleep. Exercise immediately and mommy will be successful to get pregnant.