He's Sleep Position Pregnancy Good and Convenient

Written by: Redaksi Klikdokter.com

Posisi Tidur yang Baik dan Aman untuk Ibu Hamil

If Mommy is pregnant, pay attention to the proper sleeping position. The proper sleeping position for pregnant women is important so that the fetus will not have any problems in the womb. So many pregnant women are confused of the sleeping position. They want to be oomfortable but they are also worried that the fetus will be disturbed. The followings are pregnancy tips that might help Mommy in this condition. 

First, do not worry about sleeping position during the first trimester. Mommy can sleep in any position. What is important is the sense of comfort and the quality because regardless the sleeping position of the Mommy, the fetus will always be comfortable because there is the amniotic fluid that protects the fetus in the womb. The fetus can still move freely in the womb, but Mommy still needs to be careful.

During pregnancy, the breast is enlarged so it is not recommended to sleep facing down. If Mommy still wants to sleep in this position, put some pillows under the thighs. This is useful to reduce the pressure on the belly. 

Supine (facing up) sleeping position is strongly recommended during pregnancy. This is the best sleeping position.  But indeed, after Week 16, this position is prohibited because of the risks of lumbago, hemorrhoids, and digestion system. Besides, the breath and blood circulation may also be disrupted. This position is also prohibited for those having hypertension because it will exacerbate it. 

The sleeping position for pregnant women that is advisable is sleeping on one side because it is safe for the fetus. Not just sleeping on one side, but sleeping facing left side. It will create certain benefits for the fetus. The maximum blood circulation and nutrition will be obtained from this position so that the fetus will grow optimally and healthily. 

When tired of sleeping facing left side, Mommy can change it to sleeping facing right side.

Don’t forget to sleep with a proper position for Mommy’s pregnancy tonight.