Know the reasons why children still wet the bed

Written by: Redaksi

Ketahui Penyebab Anak Masih Mengompol

Bedwetting is one of the problems generally faced by children. Not only affecting health, but also affecting the mental and mind if the children are still doing bedwetting when they get older. 

Searching for the Cause

To prevent children from bedwetting, Mommy should find out why this problem occurs. One cause of bedwetting is commonly problems in the bladder. 

Many cases are caused by the bladder size or the bladder is forced to work harder because there is less fiber in the children’s diet. 

Bladder problems are not are not merely caused by those conditions, but also, in case of urinary tract infections, the children will also experience bedwetting. Therefore, Mommy needs to consult a doctor if the bedwetting problem still continues to a certain age. 

If there is a problem in the bladder, then the children will get proper care and treatment as soon as possible.

Apparently, when the child's father and the Mommy experienced bedwetting during childhood, it is more likely that the children will experience the same problem. Although there is no scientific evidence or research about this, there are still some cases. 

In addition, if the child drinks too much in less than an hour before he sleeps, bedwetting might happen. Too cold room temperature from the AC, weather, or the clothes worn by the child during sleeping also make the child feels cold and wants to urinate. 

Dealing with Bedwetting

To resolve this bedwetting problem, Mommy can consult a doctor for the problem related to the bladder as mentioned above. 

For other causes, Mommy can start applying good habits before the child goes to sleep. For example, before bedtime, forbid the child to drink too much and make it a habit to go to the bathroom to urinate. 

During the day as well, make the child get used to going to the bathroom every hour. Also make sure the room condition where the child sleeps is not too cold, comfortable and warm. Blankets are also important here. 

If the child does not like to wear blankets, Mommy need to put it on the child while sleeping. It will reduce the chance of bedwetting to occur.

Don’t put the diapers on the child too often so that the child will be confident for not bedwetting. This will subsequently affect the desire for bedwetting, so the child can be awake, get up, and urinate in the proper place. With the above methods, it can be ascertained that the child will be from the bedwetting problem.