Labor Alternative of Waterbirth

Written by: Redaksi

Alternatif Melahirkan dengan Waterbirth

Obviously pregnancy is something that mostly-awaited for most married couples. However, please note that before the birth, most people are still unsure about what childbirth techniques will be chosen later.

In general, people will possibly choose a vaginal birth because they want to avoid risks in childbirth. However, in reality people will choose other types of childbirth techniques when the circumstances force them to. 

Another example of the giving birth technique is Caesarean section and water birth. C-section technique is giving birth to a surgical technique because the baby is not permitted to come out normally. However, now there is another alternative of labor process commonly called water birth. What is exactly water birth?

Water Medium

As the name implies, water birth is a labor technique with the assistance of water as a medium. Mommy needs to know the positives and negatives side of the water birth techniques or process.  

Regarding the technique or how to give birth with water birth, the first things that Mommy needs to know about is the reason why Mommy choose this childbirth process. There are a lot of reasons of course if Mommy noticed.

The first reason is because of the convenience aspect. Most people argue that giving birth in water medium does not cause stress and excessive pain compared with other childbirth techniques.

The second reason is because the mother feels that with water birth technique, they have more control of their birth process. Feeling lighter when giving birth is also the reason why mothers choose to do water birth. And of course, the water is also able to make the mother relax in undergoing labor process. 

Water birth is also useful to avoid tearing of the vagina, which can cause pain during childbirth. This technique will help preventing mother to use anesthesia during labor.

The Risk of Water birth

Apart from all the benefits of water birth, there are some risks of giving birth with such methods.

The first risk regarding the selection of childbirth techniques with water medium is related to the brain injury that can be experienced by a baby primarily because of lack of oxygen at birth in the water medium. This of course will impact on the future development of the baby's health.

The second risk is the possibility of the baby swallowing too much water and is contaminated by many hazardous substances contained in the water.

The next risk is still associated with water contamination, which can make the baby suffer from the infection. That's why in order to avoid all risks, Mommy needs to consult further about what to prepare before undergoing water birth.

When Mommy already decided to do a water birth, of course, there are many things that Mommy should know. Make sure the following points are taken into account. 

The first, Mommy must make sure not to have an infection and excessive bleeding when undergoing water birth process.

The second is that Mommy must make sure not to have complications related to childbirth.

Make sure that the pregnancy meets the full age, not premature.