Let's Prepare Yourself to be a Breastfeeding Mother Since Being Pregnant

Written by: Redaksi Klikdokter.com

Yuk, Persiapkan Diri menjadi Ibu Menyusui Sejak Masih Hamil

Breast milk is the best for babies. No other type of milk that can match it. Make sure that in the first six months, the mother provides breastfeeding for the baby exclusively without any other additional food. Exclusive breastfeeding will make the baby grow up in a healthy way. In order to provide the maximum breastfeeding, Mommy can do some preparation long before delivering the baby. What are the tips? Let’s consider the following pregnancy tips. 

Pay Attention to Nutrition during Pregnancy

Mommy’s nutrition intake during pregnancy should be maintained to ensure that the milk production is abundant. Eating green vegetables such as sweet leaves is very good for Mommy to increase the amount of breast milk. In addition, Mommy can increase the nutrition intake by consuming a special milk for pregnant women, such as PRENAGEN, especially when Mommy has small breasts and her milk production is less. PRENAGEN mommy contains some beneficial nutrients such as choline, DHA, and folic acid that can increase the baby intelligence factor.


The process of becoming breastfeeding mothers is the process of removing fluid in large amount. Therefore, Mommy must drink a lot of water to avoid dehydration. With the fulfillment of fluids in the Mommy’s body, the flow of the breast milk will constantly be good and the kidney performance is well-maintained.

Consume more Protein

The main content of the breast milk which is beneficial for the body is protein. This protein is derived from foods consumed during pregnancy and breastfeeding. High protein content can be obtained easily from chicken meat, especially the chicken breast, beef, fish, white yolk, fermented soybean, tofu, and others. However, this protein will be damaged if it is cooked above 70 degrees. So try not to fry the food; not only it may damage the protein content, it is also unhealthy because it contains high level of cholesterol and calories.

Breast Massage Therapy

When entering the third trimester, Mommy can perform breast massage using baby oil for 3-5 minutes. Massage gently from the bottom to the top, then do the twist several times.

Nipple Cleaning

Dirty nipples can inhibit the breast milk flow for the baby; therefore, Mommy needs to frequently clean the nipples by using the baby soap. Do not use regular soap since the smell is not familiar to the baby.

Use a Loose Fit Bra 

A tight bra can affect the breast milk supply inside the breasts. If the bra is too tight, the breast milk production will be less. It is advisable for Mommy to use a loose fit bra. 

Hopefully the pregnancy tips mentioned above can help Mommy prepare to become breastfeeding mothers since Pregnancy Period.