PRENAGEN Essence Promil Milk that Doesn't Make You Fat

Written by: Redaksi

PRENAGEN esensis Susu Promil yang Tidak Bikin Gemuk

Choosing the right milk for pregnant women is highly recommended for mommy who are in the period of pregnancy. With consuming the right milk, Mommy will get sufficient nutrition for the child as well as for herself. Being selective in choosing the right composition of milk for pregnant women should also be made to avoid the negative effects of choosing the wrong milk. 

Surely there are many brands of milk that Mommy can choose from a wide variety of milk products available in the supermarkets. Well, Mommy is certainly confused to choose which one is best. Mommy should not be fooled by the brand. Even though the brand is good and famous, it is useless if it doesn’t contain the nutritious ingredients. Then, what are the criteria of proper milk for pregnancy?

Select the Milk Containing Proteins and Folic Acid

The right milk for pregnant mothers needs to meet the standard of nutrition for pregnant women according to the proportion. The substance needed by pregnant women is protein. Enough protein content in the milk will be able to increase the fertile birth to babies conceived in the womb later. Besides, protein will also support to provide growth and development in a positive way so that the fetus will be healthy when the baby is born. The protein content is also very useful for the mother in order to obtain energy for daily activities.

Furthermore, milk for pregnant women that Mommy chooses should also contain folic acid. This nutrient is required for brain neural tube formation in the early weeks of pregnancy.  This nutrient is the most important substance and must be contained in the milk for pregnant women that Mommy chose. High folic acid substances will be able to form a healthy baby in Mommy’s womb.

Folic acid will also strengthen the immune system for the mother and her unborn baby so it is not easy for a dangerous disease to attack. Many types of malignancies is possible to attack pregnant women. To anticipate this, drinking milk containing folic acid is recommended.

The Importance of Drinking Milk Containing DHA

Another substance which must also be contained in the milk for pregnant women is DHA. This substance has been proven successful to help fetal growth and development. When still a fetus, the formation of organs took place in this period. Starting from the formation of the hands, feet, ears, brain, and other organs. If Mommy does not get enough DHA intake, it will result in the development of abnormal babies for example infants suddenly deformed at birth or sometimes even babies born later have more organs, for example, having six fingers. To avoid this, the milk provision with DHA is highly recommended.