Normal or Caesarean Delivery?

Written by: Redaksi

Melahirkan Normal atau Caesar?

In general, there are two methods for having a baby, the normal labor process and Caesarean section. When Mommy’s gestational age is closer to the time of delivery which has been predicted, it is better to know about these two methods of giving birth, so that Mommy could choose the best.

Normal Labor Process 

Normal labor process has been chosen by mothers because they consider that they will not become true mothers without experiencing the normal labor process. When Mommy wants to have the normal labor process, there are four things to remember.

The first is the fetus in the Mommy’s womb. Make sure the baby's weight is normal, which is between 2.5 to 4 kg. The baby’s weight should not be more or less than that, so that Mommy will face minimum risk. Therefore, Mommy must frequently check the fetus to determine the condition of the fetus. 

The second factor is the condition of Mommy herself. This is related to the size of the pelvis. Mommy’s pelvic size must be able to pass and match with the size of the baby, so the normal labor process can be done smoothly.

The third is contraction factor. Contraction which is considered as a sign for giving birth is varied. There are mothers who have contractions continuously, or sometimes appear sometimes not, or who have no contraction at all. For those who don’t have any contractions, the hormone oxytocin injection will be applied.

And the final factor to consider for having a normal labor process is Mommy’s psychological factors. Stress is proven to make cervical and vaginal muscles are not working as they should, so that the normal labor process would be more difficult. The husband's support is indispensable and prevents Mommy from all the things that lead to stress.

Caesarean Section

Giving birth by Caesarean section is often seen as a way that is not too popular to be chosen by mothers. But, there is a recent survey which gave surprising result. A survey conducted by Nadia Mulya, author of books of pregnancy to 849 pregnant women, 49% of them choose a Caesarean section.

Basically, there is nothing wrong with a Caesarean section. However, this kind of labor process is conducted if there are things which get in the way of having normal labor process or endanger the Mommy’s lives. For example, a breech position of the baby, the umbilical cord wrapped around the baby more than three windings (when 1-2 coil is still possible for normal labor process), placenta previa, placenta which is in a position that inhibits the normal labor process, and many more.

Many Caesarean sections are decided at the last moment prior to labor process. Therefore, Mommy has to be smart in choosing the best obstetrician who can understand Mommy’s condition and give the best decision.