8 Signs that Labor is Counting Days Away

Written by: Redaksi Klikdokter.com

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Giving birth to a child is a very extra ordinary experience for women. When Mommy is currently pregnant, then shortly Mommy will give birth to a tiny baby that has been coveted. When Mommy still feels uncomfortable to talk about the process of birth, Mommy probably needs support from her husband and closest relatives.

Women often feel stressed before delivering a baby. They tend to experience the fear of pain and death. Moreover, if the fetus is experiencing certain cases such as breech or condition of the baby's neck is twisted bowel (intestine necklace).

Mommy needs to be mentally prepared before delivery, because if not, Mommy will suffer high levels of stress and fear which would affect the condition of the fetus. Well, what things that should be considered and prepared before the labor process? 

Emotion Management

Emotion is the psychological side of humans. Emotions can change depending on the circumstances faced by someone. This also applies for Mommy who will undergo the process of giving birth. 

During the preparation of a child birth, women's emotional state will quickly change. In general, they will turn into panic, anxiety, fear, and depression. It is considered normal, but if Mommy cannot control her emotions properly, it would negatively affect the condition of the fetus.

When Mommy is about to give birth, then Mommy should stay calm. Mommy’s calmness in facing the birth process will be needed. Maybe for Mommy who has given birth to more than one occasion, the birth process will be more relaxed because she has the feeling of what it was like about giving birth.

But, how about the first-time Mommy? The emotional state will be different from the woman who had given birth more than once. For the first-time Mommy, Mommy should pray more and try to calm down. Mommy is advised to think positively as positive thoughts will encourage positive energy as well and this will greatly help Mommy during labor process.

Muscle Stretching Exercises

For Mommy it is also advisable to stretch foot muscles and practice breathing before child birth. This is important because it can improve Mommy’s vitality ahead of the birth of the baby.

But Mommy should be aware of activities that can make Mommy feel fatigue. Remember before the labor process that Mommy wants to see the baby born to a healthy state. Thoughts like this will motivate Mommy to prepare herself better before the labor process. Of course Mommy wants to see the baby born healthy, right? Therefore, Mommy should prepare both conditions in terms of physical and mental health.