Pregnancy Tips to Stay Healthy While Fasting

Written by: Amicis

Tips Puasa Bagi Ibu Hamil Saat Bulan Ramadhan

Fasting is an obligation for Muslims. No wonder that there are so many Mommies who still want to fast despite being pregnant. Although permitted, Mommy still needs to pay attention to nutrition intake for the fetus while fasting. If mommy decided to fast, follow some of the following tips for pregnant women.

1. Before fasting, consult your doctor. If the doctor says that Mommy is healthy, then Mommy can do this. But remember, do not push yourself. When fasting, consume more nutritional intake from our food during early breakfast. 

2. During early breakfast, eat foods which are high in protein and carbohydrates so that Mommy has enough energy during fasting. To get it, Mommy must eat meat because the protein in meat is high enough so that needs for protein is completed. For the sources of carbohydrates, brown rice, potatoes or wheat bread are several choices of food containing good carbohydrates for Mommy.

3. Do not eat food that is too sweet because Mommy will feel weak quicker. It is better to take Vitamin C because it can maintain the vitality of the body. In addition, drink a lot of water so that Mommy does not get dehydrated while fasting.

4. The next tip for pregnant women is ensure that Mommy has enough rest. Provide more portions for resting and do not perform activities that are too strenuous, like lifting items that are too heavy.

5. Break the fasting when Mommy is tired and do not push the limit if Mommy frequently feel nauseous and vomits. Mommy also should break the fasting immediately in the event of diarrhea, nosebleeds, or dizziness.

6. During fast breaking, eat sweet foods. Sweet foods can increase blood sugar levels quickly. Do not drink cold drinks because they can harm the stomach. And remember, it is not good if Mommy eats too much. Eat enough foods containing carbohydrates, such as compote, or dates.

7. Complete meals can be started after evening prayers. Do not go crazy during fast breaking because mommy will feel sluggish. Eat a little and continue with tarawih prayer. 

Maintaining a healthy pregnancy is very important even though during fasting. Follow the tips above in order to stay healthy while fasting. One of the most important things is the willingness. If Mommy is strong-willed, Mommy will be able to fast while being pregnant.