Benefits of Pregnancy Exercise for Maternal and Fetal Health

Written by: Redaksi

Manfaat Senam Hamil untuk Kesehatan Ibu dan Janin

Doing exercise during pregnancy, such as pregnancy workout will provide a positive impact, both for the mother who is pregnant and her unborn baby. Pregnancy workout can be done with a simple step.

First, set a position sitting cross-legged with back straightened. Then put a hand on the leg just like meditating. After doing so, manage the breath and make sure the conditions are relaxed and not tense at all. To be able to carry out the activity of this exercise comfortably, Mommy can use a medium which is soft and comfortable, such as mat, carpets, or any kind of comfortable seating tool.

Sleeping Position

The healthy pregnancy tips that Mommy can do more is to doing the workout with sleeping position. Set the body in a sleeping position with a pillow and then support the head. Lift both knees and set a position as if giving a birth. Then, breathe deeply and exhale slowly through the mouth.

This activity looks like when people are defecating. Do this process repeatedly until Mommy feels relaxed. Don’t forget to use the pillow to ensure the comfort while doing the workouts with this position. This position is the most favorite position. 

Expert Help

Having a healthy pregnancy by doing pregnancy workouts does not have to be performed alone, Mommy can join pregnancy workout classes which are held in some places for pregnancy workouts which exist in many cities in Indonesia recently. By following these exercises on a regular basis, assisted by experts who are skilled and professional, healthy pregnancy would not be impossible to obtain.

Then, how about sexual intercourse? Is sexual intercourse during pregnancy safe and will now harm Mommy and the baby? Having sex during pregnancy can actually be done by all couples as long as they do it with the right position and will not affect the development of the fetus in the womb. 

For Mommies who haven’t done the pregnancy workouts yet since they are afraid to do it alone, try to join the pregnancy workout class in certain places in the city. Furthermore, when Mommy already feels comfortable to do it alone, Mommy can start to do it at home. 

Make sure to always perform safe, relaxing, and healthy workouts so that the safety of the baby will be guaranteed during the workouts. However, this activity needs to be accompanied by the expert.