PRENAGEN Belly Danxercise (English Version)

Written by: Redaksi

PRENAGEN Belly Danxercise (Versi Indonesia)

Experiencing a healthy and joyful pregnancy in order to grow a healthy fetus is the most beautiful gift for every woman. PRENAGEN really understands this matter, therefore it conducts PRENAGEN Belly Danexercise fpr pregnant women to stay healthy and enjoy the pregnancy. 

As the name implies, PRENAGEN Belly Danxercise is a physical fitness exercise, modification of belly dance originating from the Middle East. Belly dance itself has long been used by mothers to maintain physical and mental fitness during their pregnancy. Similarly, this Belly Danxercise will exercise the muscles associated with childbirth, so by doing the belly dance exercise during pregnancy, the labor process is expected to be easier and smoother. 

The benefits of PRENAGEN Belly Danxercise :

  • Maintain the fitness of the pregnant woman and the fetus 
  • Obtain a better posture
  • Improve balance, coordination, and flexibility of the body
  • Relieve back pain during pregnancy and postpartum
  • Improve control of abdominal and pelvic muscles
  • Strengthen the pelvic, back, and abdomen base muscles
  • Improve serotonin in the body, so that it relieves stress

Things that need to be considered to perform Belly Danxercise:

  • Eat a light meal one hour before practice
  • Practice according to the ability. Stop exercise / movement when Mommy feels uncomfortable or tired
  • Keep your pelvis with the back naturally straight
  • Drink enough water to avoid dehydration and increased body temperature drastically during practice
  • Perform all movements gently without a jolt
  • Consult a doctor before exercising

Moms can click the link below to see the video:

  • PRENAGEN Belly Danxercise Part 1:

For the video, please see page 21, Title: PRENAGEN Belly Danxercise