Proper Nutrition Intake Before Childbirth

Written by: Redaksi

Asupan Nutrisi Tepat Jelang Melahirkan

As an expectant mother, mommy knows that the food consumed is very influential on the health of the fetus in the womb. Adequate nutrition can also make the baby healthier and keep the baby away from many health problems. In addition, the nutrients in Mommy’s food consumption also affect the smooth process of giving birth. Therefore, eating the right foods is highly recommended in order to make the process of giving birth smooth.

Food for Pregnant Women

There are many types of foods that will provide the necessary nutrition of pregnant women for a healthy pregnancy and childbirth. The first is salmon. This fish contains a lot of Omega 3 which is very good for fetal brain development. Eating salmon regularly can also prevent the baby from a wide variety of disorders and health problems.

In addition to salmon, whole wheat bread or wholegrain is also very good for pregnant women. The bread contains a lot of magnesium, which is essential for bone health of the fetus. So, the fetus can avoid bone defects resulting in an abnormal physical form.

When Mommy wants variations to foods that contain carbohydrates, Mommy may consume sweet potato. Mommy can choose all kinds of potatoes that exist. Apart from the fact that sweet potatoes contain carbohydrates as the energy source for pregnant women, they also contain a lot of Vitamin A. Vitamin A in cassava can make the immune system in the fetus well-developed, so it can protect from viruses and diseases.

Then, the last type of food that needs to be consumed is dates. Dates contain a substance that similar to oxytocin enzymes that can stimulate contractions, so the process of giving birth will be smooth. Consumption of dates every day is very good to be done in the ninth month.

Healthy Lifestyle

As mentioned above, adequate nutrition will bring a good impact, both for pregnant women and the fetus. When Mommy lacks nutrients, there are many things that will be affected. One of them is the process of DNA methylation, which is the process of formation of cells by infant DNA.

When Mommy has nutritional deficiencies, there will be disorders or anomaly in this process which increases the risk of health problems associated with fetal cells formed by this process, such as Tourette's syndrome and hypothyroidism.

Basically, if Mommy wants to have a healthy baby and give birth smoothly, then the nutrition preparation before pregnancy must be considered as early as possible. If Mommy has a healthy lifestyle, eat healthy foods and do exercises before being pregnant, then Mommy will get a lot of advantages both in terms of health, physical endurance during pregnancy and also during the process of giving birth.