Vitamins and Minerals for Promil

Written by: Redaksi

Vitamin dan Mineral Untuk Promil

Healthy nutrition can improve the fertility of women and men. For Mommy who is preparing for pregnancy, it is becoming very important. But, what are the nutrients supporting the process of pregnancy?

Without ignoring other nutritional functions, some types of vitamins and minerals should be considered when planning a pregnancy. Here are a number of types of preparation for pregnancy nutrients which are required to accelerate the pregnancy.

Vitamin Intake

The first nutrient intake that Mommy needs to increase is vitamin. There are several types of vitamins that Mommy needs to complete, such as :

Vitamin A, for example, is very good for improving sperm quality in men. Sperm will be healthier if the husband often consumes eggs, butter, broccoli, liver, milk, salmon, mackerel, spinach, tomatoes, and carrots.

Other types of vitamins are vitamin D. Less Vitamin D intake will greatly affect the fertility rate to 75 percent. Some foods rich in vitamin D are eggs, butter, salmon, tuna, and fish oil.

Vitamin E is also very important for female fertility. Vitamin E acts to maintain the strength of the uterine wall and maintain the health of the placenta. Vitamin E is also essential to improve the ability of sperm to fertilize an ovum.

The following two types of vitamins, namely vitamin B6 and vitamin C are not less important as vitamins above. Vitamin B6 helps the reproductive hormone imbalance in women, the hormone estrogen and progesterone.

This hormonal imbalance will be very helpful for a pregnancy. It is important for Mommy to add the consumption of fish, chicken, red rice, peanuts, cabbage, bananas, soya beans, which are good sources of vitamin B6.

Meanwhile, vitamin C serves to assist in the formation of ovaries and maintain the health of the reproductive organs of men and women from free-radical attack because vitamin C is rich in antioxidant substances.

Mineral Substances

Selenium and zinc are two types of minerals that are very good for sperm health. Raw foods are rich in zinc, among others, all seafood, nuts, meat, dairy, and grain products. Meanwhile, selenium is contained in the yolk, rice, meat, seafood, tomatoes, milk and tuna.

Another type of food that is very good for the health of a woman's fertility is avocado and olive oil, in which unsaturated fat content is very high. Besides it is useful to keep the heart healthy, unsaturated fat content is also an excellent source of fat for a woman to get pregnant quickly.

When Mommy already consumed a variety of foods with nutrition as mentioned above, Mommy should also keep a healthy lifestyle such as exercising regularly, not drinking alcohol, and not smoking.