Psychological Changes During Pregnancy

Written by: Redaksi

Pengaruh Kondisi Psikologis Ibu Hamil Saat Hamil

Changes which occur in pregnant women are not only in terms of physical but also psychological changes. A psychologist named Dr. Rose Mini AP, MPsi mentioned that pregnant women will feel well-prepared by getting the correct information about pregnancy. It doesn’t really matter if the information comes from a doctor, experience of parents or friends, as long as the information is based on facts. 

In the first trimester, most pregnant women will have cravings or want more attention from the husband. In the second trimester, the body shape of pregnant women begins to change, accompanied by changes in sleeping position and patterns of sexual intercourse. If the pregnant women are stressed out with their condition, they need to const a psychologist. 

"The third trimester is another thing”. Pregnant women will crave in the last month, also feel worried about the physical condition of the baby, for example if the baby has complete fingers, or afraid of their own conditions, for example death during childbirth. As a result, pregnant women tend to be moody," said psychologist Rose Mini.

For more details, below are the changes of the psychology of pregnant women:

First Trimester

Pregnant women have mixed feelings, ranging from happy, anxious, and unsure of its pregnancy. Even though they are already aware of the pregnancy signs, but still unsure whether they are really pregnant or not. 

Pregnant women experience emotional changes which resulted in arguments or frequent discomfort. Good communication is the way to make the pregnancy feels better.

Pregnant women experience hormonal changes which will also affect the psychological condition.

Pregnant women experience morning sickness so that they need the support from the husband to be with them in facing unpredictable conditions which will also influence the psychological condition.