Restore body shape after giving birth

Written by: Redaksi

Mengembalikan Bentuk Tubuh Pasca Melahirkan

Some Mommies feel insecure because of weight gain during pregnancy. After child birth, the body will still be a bit fat and cannot manage to get back into previous shape or size. 

Actually, the body fat in Mommy’s body will still be required during 3 months after childbirth because Mommy needs to provide breastfeeding. If Mommy already starts to reduce the weight at this period, it may affect the heath and also the baby’s health. 

Therefore, for Mommies who are eager to have a normal body referring to pre-pregnancy, there are some exercises to be performed. These exercises will make Mommy get back into the previous shape and size, or even better. 

Required Exercises

As mentioned earlier, there are some exercises that will make Mommy can get the previous body shape. Here are the exercises : 

The first is a chest exercise. This exercise is useful to strengthen the chest muscles. Breasts will tend to slack because of pregnancy. With this exercise, the chest muscles will be stronger and will increase circulation, and milk production. Mothers should compensate this exercise by also wearing a good bra in order to raise the chest muscles.

Secondly, Mommy can do abdominal exercises. Why is this exercise important to do? This exercise is a very good thing because it will be able to tighten Mommy’s body after childbirth. Mommy should only do this exercise after child birth so that there is no strain on the back muscles and the abdomen.

Third, Mommy can do exercises on hips, buttocks and waist area. These exercises are useful for tightening the muscles in the pelvic floor area, as well as help accelerate blood circulation in the legs. This exercise can be done by putting the baby on the lap or lying on the bed. Walking fast, running upstairs or downstairs will make the Mommy’s pelvic floor tighter. 

Appropriate Clothing

In addition to doing some exercises for strengthening the muscles of the body, Mommy must also consider the clothes that Mommy will wear. After 40 days of postpartum, Mommy will no longer need to wear loose clothes and non body shaping clothes. 

Instead, Mommy also needs to think about the good and proper outfits according to Mommy’s needs. The husband would want his wife to look sexy again. Therefore, choose clothes that fit and can help Mommy still look attractive.

Mommy can wear the clothes before pregnancy or Mommy can hunt for new clothes which would make Mommy look attractive. Changing the haircut can also make Mommy look fresh and fit.