Let's Avoid These Food for Faster Conception, Shall We?

Written by: Redaksi Klikdokter.com

Agar Ibu Cepat Hamil, Hindari Pantangan Makanan Ini Yuk!

Most women are eager to be given a child. A lot of women have been married for a long time and has not given offspring. The reasons are varied. There are many things that might make it difficult for Mommy to get pregnant. 

Women who are preparing for pregnancy sometimes do not realize that there are some foods that should not be eaten or consumed. According to some health experts and doctors, there are some restrictions in pregnancy, especially to eat certain foods. Any food that should not be consumed when Mommy wants to get pregnant? Mommy can find the answer here.

Foods which Can Inhibit Pregnancy

Mommy may live in the Javanese community and Mommy often find some restricted foods to be consumed in pregnancy preparation. It can indeed be sensible and if Mommy feels it does not harm the fetus, Mommy should still follow the existing restrictions. There are a lot of articles about pregnancy tips and food preparation which should be avoided pregnant women. These foods include:

Pineapple. Pineapple fruit is often a taboo for a pregnant woman. Pineapple is too hot for stomach and can cause miscarriage in the pregnancy. Therefore, many pineapple fruit is also used as a herbal medicine during period delay. 

Raw meat and raw foods. Mothers should not eat raw food because there is a possibility that the food has been contaminated with chemicals or mercury, which is very harmful to the fetus and Mommy

Foods containing yeast is also not recommended because it would interfere with fetal growth and Mommy’s health.

Foods containing caffeine is also not recommended because it would be harmful to the development of the heart and vital organs of the fetus. 

Best Foods for Pregnancy

After we’ve already known some of the foods that should be avoided, we also need to know the recommended foods for pregnant women. Here are some foods which are good for Mommy and also the fetus:

Fruit and vegetables. Mommies who are pregnant require sufficient fruit and vegetable intake. Mothers should wash fruits and vegetables before consumption.

Wheat cereals are also very important for pregnant women because they are rich in carbohydrates and provide healthy calories for pregnant women.

Foods rich in protein are also highly recommended for pregnant women, for example eggs, chicken, lean meat, fish and nuts.

Fish such as sardines, tuna and mackerel can also be consumed twice a week to meet the nutrition for pregnant women.

If Mommy is smart in health care for the fetus by eating foods which are good for Mommy and the fetus, pregnancy and childbirth would be passed smoothly and happily. Ask for the husband’s support as a reminder to consume foods which are good for the pregnancy.