The Child is Still Bedwetting? Take these Actions!

Written by: Redaksi

Ketahui Penyebab Anak Ngompol dan Cara Mengatasinya

Children who are still in pre-toilet training still often do bedwetting. This habit usually takes place on the day or night. As the child gets older, the ability of sphincter muscles in the bladder channel has started to grow stronger and learn not to urinate during the day, so that the bedwetting habit only happens at night.

The ability of each child to eliminate the bedwetting habit varies from one to another. Sometimes, boys take a longer time to eliminate the bedwetting habit. In fact, in reality, there are still many children who have entered school age but still have this habit. 

As parents, Mommy would want to eliminate this bad habit. So, what can be done?

The Cause of Bedwetting on Children

Before Mommy takes some actions to prevent the child from bedwetting, Mommy needs to know the causes of bedwetting on children. 

The first cause is hormonal. In children whose ages are still below 10 years, their bodies produce the hormone vasopressin which is less than children whose ages are already above 10 years. So, it’s natural if toddlers still have the bedwetting habit. In addition, if the parents used to have bedwetting problems, it can also be passed to the child.

How to Overcome

Mommy would have a headache if the bedwetting habit on the child doesn’t go away. Actually, there are several ways to prevent bedwetting. The tricks are as follows:

Train the child to urinate regularly. Mommy should begin to teach the child to get used to drink regularly during the day. Also do not make the child drink milk before bed because it will trigger the desire to urinate later which will cause bedwetting. This habit is also not good for the health of his teeth and mouth if he doesn’t brush his teeth before going to bed.

Wake the child at night. Perhaps this way is not preferred by Mommy since afraid of disturbing the child who is sleeping soundly. If the child is awake in the middle of the night or Mommy knows the time when the child has the tendency of bedwetting, Mommy can accompany him to go to the bathroom. 

Hypnotherapy. With this method, Mommy can give affirmation to the little guy to get up when feeling the desire of urinating. Give the affirmation that bedwetting is very uncomfortable and it would be pleasant if the bed remains dry in the morning.

Acupuncture. At a glance, this method is rather extreme. However, this therapy could be a solution to help stimulate the muscles of the bladder in order to work properly. 

Give a prize. If the child doesn’t do bedwetting at night, give praise or even a gift. This will become his reward and motivate him to learn to stop the bedwetting habit.