Exact Ingredients in Pregnant Women's Milk

Written by: Redaksi Klikdokter.com

Kandungan Tepat Didalam Susu Ibu Hamil

When a woman is undergoing the process of pregnancy, the need for good nutrition is beneficial for mothers and children who are unborn. Milk intake in pregnancy is a complete nutrition of pregnant women and needed by women who are pregnant. Milk has a lot of ingredients which are very important in maintaining a healthy body for women who are experiencing pregnancy; milk for pregnant women is very good for the fetus in the womb.

Protein as Formation Elements

Here are the benefits that can be obtained from special milk for pregnant women, one of them is PRENAGEN, which has been trusted by many pregnant women. This milk has some nutrition such as protein, which can be used for the formation of tissues in the body, especially on the fetus, such as the formation of muscles, maintaining the health of the pregnant woman or her fetus bones, maintaining healthy skin of the mother during pregnancy and some other benefits.

This protein content in the milk is not only used for the formation of the tissues in the body, but also for the formation of blood and the healthy amniotic fluid, also becomes an antibody for pregnant women and the fetus , For pregnant women, the need for protein reaches 60 grams a day.

Calcium for Bones and Teeth

Other nutrition for pregnant women which is badly needed is calcium, since this calcium content inside the pregnant women’s body will support the process of formation of teeth and bones of the fetus. 

In addition, calcium has been proven excellent not only for health but also for the breast milk supply, so that later the mother will be able to provide breastfeeding and give the best breast milk for the baby in the future. Then there are many more benefits that can be obtained by the mother and the baby of calcium, because a pregnant Mommy herself requires calcium intake up to 1000 mg in a day.

Other Important Nutrition

Another important nutrition is Vitamin D which functions in the formation of bones and tissues in the fetus. Calories are useful as a source of energy that is needed by the pregnant women. Then, the pregnant women also need iron in the formation of red blood cells, maintaining the uterus so that it will be strong during labor, and also building the system of enzymes in breast milk.

Folic acid is also needed by pregnant women, which is beneficial for the formation of organs in the fetus, and avoiding spina bifida and the growth of fetal brain disorders. AHA and DHA are also important for components of brain cells in the fetus and setting up production and quality of milk for the baby later.