The Right Time to Consume Pregnancy Milk

Written by: Redaksi

Waktu yang Tepat Mengkonsumsi Susu Kehamilan

Pregnancy is the long-awaited moment by married couples. The house will seem more cheerful after the presence of the beloved baby who will complete the happiness in the house. Being a mother also becomes a gift that is priceless because when Mommy has been given an opportunity, Mommy should never waste such an opportunity. When is the right time to consume special milk for pregnant women? Obviously, when Mommy already knows that Mommy is pregnant. 

Consumption of Proper Nutrition During Pregnancy

When a pregnant woman is declared positive then there will be a lot of changes from that time. Sometimes many women are not aware if they are already pregnant so that they forgot he forgot to control the intake of nutrients and food they consume. While pregnant, the body requires nutrition nearly five times as much. By consuming foods with good nutrition, the growth of the fetus in the womb would be maximized.

In addition, Mommy should also consume special milk for pregnant women with the proper ingredients. For this one, some Mommies sometimes feel nauseous because the smell of the milk is unpleasant that may trigger vomiting. Nausea and vomiting in early pregnancy is a natural thing because no matter how many times Mommy vomit, Mommy need to add the food intake so the fetus doesn’t get dehydrated or lacks nutrition. 

Special milk for pregnant women today can be found anywhere. There is special milk to be consumed during the vomiting period, while there is another milk for the second trimester. Each of the milk is adjusted to the conditions during pregnancy. Susu KehamilanPregnancy period is the golden periods where all the nutritional intake must be controlled. If Mommy is lazy to pay attention to the diet and lifestyle, the consequences may be fatal. What will happen if Mommy experiences nutrition deficiency during pregnancy? The baby’s  health will be at stake because he may be born with very low weight. 

To support adequate nutritional intake during pregnancy, milk content is very helpful. In a glass of milk, there is folic acid content that will help optimize brain growth and physical condition of the baby to avoid birth defects. In addition, consuming milk on a regular basis will help Mommy to have more energy for daily activities. 

In order to maintain the health of pregnant women and the fetus, try to consume the milk for at least one glass per day. If Mommy feels nauseous by the smell, Mommy can replace it with soy milk which is also good for pregnancy.