Tips for Choosing Snacks During Pregnancy

Written by: Redaksi

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Pregnancy is an important phase for Mommy, and this is a long awaited moment by many Mommies particularly for the newly married ones. Therefore, it is important to know the tips on healthy pregnant especially with attention to nutritional intake through food consumption. 

Keeping a healthy pregnancy with a healthy diet is a must for Mommy who wants a healthy baby's condition and free from distractions. If Mommy still wants to consume snacks, there are several types of healthy snacks that can be chosen. Here are interesting tips about the various types of healthy snacks that will be consumed during pregnancy.

Healthy Snacks

It is important for Mommy to pay attention to nutrition of pregnant women, and Mommy should choose a healthy snack that will provide optimal health for the fetus. Apparently, pregnant women need a daily intake of 200 calories and the need for protein and iron also increased dramatically.

It is important for Mommy to always have breakfast in the morning, and Mommy can also consume a healthy snack in the morning between 10 am and in the afternoon between the hours of 3 or 4pm. But Mommy should avoid consumption of snacks in the evening before bed for weight control.

Consumption of fiber-rich snack will provide good benefits for Mommy, especially the consumption of fibrous fruits and green leafy vegetables. Other healthy snacks that may also be consumed are nutritious crackers and oatmeal.

Foods for pregnant women which are rich in nutrients, including fish, and whole-grain crackers with low calorie level are good choices for mommy. Brown rice is also very good for Mommy’s health and popcorn can also be a good choice, as long as the use of butter is replaced with fresh butter.

Choose Carefully

For the sake of a healthy pregnancy, Mommy should try to avoid junk food and fast food in order to avoid the adverse effects of such foods that would interfere with the health of the fetus.

Consumption of yogurt smoothie that is delicious and healthy is a good option, because it contains a lot of protein and calcium. Do not forget to add chunks of almonds and fruit as a pleasure enhancer that also will provide sufficient nutrition to Mommy.

Keeping a healthy pregnancy is a must for Mommy who has been waiting for the baby's presence, therefore, always pay attention to daily nutrient intake and don’t forget to always consume a healthy diet. Doing light exercise such as walking in the morning will also be healthy for Mommy, so Mommy will always have optimal health to support the fetus in the womb.