Tips for Giving Your Baby the Perfect Massage

Written by: Redaksi

Tips Memberikan Bayi Pijatan Sempurna

For mommies who just have a baby, usually will be facing difficulties in taking care of a baby properly and correctly. Basically, stimulation is one of the important components that should be given to the baby.

This stimulation can be given by giving a massage to the baby. Baby massage can increase the emotional relationship between mommy and baby.

Besides, giving a massage to the baby will also be able to trigger an intelligence increase in the baby's brain. Baby massage moment can be done by mommy anytime mommy wants to do it. However, the best moment to carry out this activity is when mommy and the baby are about to take rest.

The Correct Massage Methods 

Here are the baby massage tips that mommy can do: 

The process of this massage can be done with more relaxing when accompanied by classical music. Babies are always accustomed to listening to classical music while given a gentle massage. It will make their brains grow and develop properly.

The massage method is quite simple to do. The first thing mommy do is sitting relaxingly on the floor. The position of both feet palm is sticking to each other and mommy’s knees are in the wide-open conditions.

Furthermore mommy can put the baby on a blanket that has been prepared. The blanket can be put on both of Mommy’s legs. If Mommy feels that this position is uncomfortable, just put the baby on Mommy’s lap.

Making Sure the Baby Feels Comfortable

Making the baby feels warm is an important thing to do. This will make the baby feels comfortable when the stimulation process is running. Use telon oil or good quality and soft virgin coconut oil to massage the baby. Then, don’t forget to do massage slowly, but steadily.

Mommy’s role in providing stimulation should be done wholeheartedly. This will determine the emotional relationship that exists between mommies with her baby. There are various kinds of parts that can be massaged, one of which is massage on the baby's legs or abdomen.

What mommy should do is to hold the baby’s legs with one hand, then pat his leg along with the other hand.

Don’t forget to rub the baby up and down. If necessary, use mommy’s thumb to rub the bottom of his feet. It can be started from heel to toe. A good method for foot massage is a small circular massage.

Furthermore, to massage the baby's belly, use the tip of the fingers. Make small circular massage. Set mommy’s massage rhythm to form I Love You shape to the baby. Number of fingers needed to perform this massage is two to three fingers.