Tips on Providing Fruits and Vegetables for Children Easily

Written by: Amicis

Tips Mudah Memberikan Sayur dan Buah pada Anak

The growth period of the children becomes a period when parents must concern about the nutritional intake. In this case, the most appropriate nutritional intake is fruits and vegetables. 

The benefits of fruits and vegetables are as source of vitamins. Fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamins needed for children’s growth. Other significant benefits of fruits and vegetables to children are preventing obesity. Fruits and vegetables are rich in fiber, which is useful in preventing obesity.

However, the problem that frequently occurs is so many children are reluctant to eat, making it difficult to complete the nutritional intake, especially from fruits and vegetables. There are tips to overcome this problem. 

How to Motivate Children to Eat Fruits and Vegetables

The first tips that can be used to overcome the children not eating fruits and vegetables is by introducing the fruits and vegetables since early age. Recommend the fruits and vegetables one by one so that Mommy will find out which ones are the children’s favorites. 

The next tips is not forcing the children to eat the fruits and vegetables being served. Most Mommies force the children to eat the fruits and vegetables. As a result, the children would likely be stubborn and rebellious. What Mommy should do is giving positive supporting words so that the children would start to like fruits and vegetables that Mommy gives. 

The next tips is about how Mommy serves the fruits and vegetables with attractive display to be eaten by the children. The cooking method and the combination of certain vegetables or fruits will certainly make the children interested in eating those foods. 

To cope with the children who don’t like to eat fruits, Mommy may try making the fruit juices. Juice will make the children lost the impression that fruits and vegetables are like a burden for consumption. However, make sure that Mommy add little milk or sugar so that the juice is more tasty and delicious. 

The following tips in order to handle the children who don’t like to eat fruits and vegetables is by giving examples regarding the benefits of consuming fruits and vegetables. It will be unfair if Mommy always forces the children to eat fruits and vegetables while Mommy never consumes them. 

Choosing the atmosphere and a comfortable place to eat fruits and vegetables may also help to improve the children’s mood. 

Giving a prize if the children consume the fruits and vegetables frequently can be an interesting idea. Starting now, pay attention to the foods that are given to the children.