Variations and Techniques of Baby Massage

Written by: Redaksi

Variasi dan Teknik Memijat Bayi

Massage is one of the methods commonly used to relax muscles and also frees the mind from the stress that has accumulated because of work. However, massage is not only used for adults. Massage can also be used in infants.

Preparation Required

Actually, there are experts that Mommy may consult to get the message service for infants. However, Mommy can also massage the baby herself. For the baby massage tips, first thing to do is that Mommy needs to clean herself. 

Make sure that Mommy’s hands are clean so that they will cause health problems for the baby. To ease the massaging process, Mommy may use a little telon oil or baby oil. 

Besides, the baby also requires stretching. The trick is, hold the baby’s legs and stick the knees to the belly. Then, hold the baby’s legs, squeeze them and do circular motions to loosen the baby’s hip.  After that, the baby is ready for a massage.

Massaging Techniques

To massage the baby's feet, mommy can start by holding the baby's legs with one hand and gently patting the baby from the soles of the feet to the hips. Also use mommy thumb to squeeze the soles of the feet and heading up to the groin. Also rub the baby's feet from top to bottom and vice versa.

For the belly, we can use the I Love U technique. Use three fingers and wipe the baby's ribs from the bottom straight down the belly (letter I). Start again from the right side of the bottom part of the rib, rub down then wipe leads to the left (the letter L). After that, start again from the left rib leading to the bottom, then to the right and upward to the right rib (letter U). Mommy can use baby oil to facilitate the massage. 

For the baby's arms, do almost the same with the massage on the legs. Hold baby's hands with one hand and gently pat all parts of the hands, and end with massaging the baby’s arm. 

For the back, Mommy needs to put the baby on a flat surface or on Mommy's lap. Then, gently rub the upper part of the back to the bottom near the buttock. Form the fingers as if Mommy is scratching, and scratch gently the upper part of the back heading down. Do small circular motion on the baby’s spine. 

Lastly, massaging the baby's head. Lift the baby's head by laying Mommy’s hands on the back of the head, then gently rub the baby’s scalp. Continue on the eyebrows, eyelids, nose, cheeks and chin. The baby massage techniques above can be used to treat a fussy baby, because, with the massage, the baby will feel comfortable and relaxed, just like when we are being massaged