Women's Fertile Period to Increase Pregnancy Chances

Written by: Redaksi Klikdokter.com

Pahami Masa Subur Wanita untuk Tingkatkan Peluang Hamil

Calculating the fertile period has been known as one of the tips to accelerate pregnancy in a woman which is quite powerful. For those who want to have a baby after marriage, calculating the women’s fertile period is worth a try. 

The Benefits of Knowing the Women’s Fertile Period

Despite the fact that pregnancy is God’s will, knowing the fertile period is a positive logical step for someone to get a descendant. Fertile period is a period in which the woman's ovum is ready to be fertilized by the sperm, making higher possibility for pregnancy to occur. 

Unfortunately, fertile period doesn’t happen all the time. By knowing the fertile period, couples can choose the right time to have intercourse. If the sexual intercourse is 'scheduled' when the woman is in her fertile period, the possibility will be greater, so the couple will soon conceive a baby. 

In addition, the calculation of the fertile period can be used to increase the likelihood of the baby's sex. According to the medical theory by reproduction experts, there certain time of fertilization will produce a particular sex of the baby.  The time when it is greatly possible to conceive a baby girl than a baby boy, and vice versa. The calculation time of conception by sex is usually calculated in calculating women's fertile period.

The Method of Knowing the Fertile Period

There are various ways to determine women's fertile period. The easiest and quite reliable method is to use a checking tool or a fertile period test pack available at various pharmacies. This tool uses urine as a test medium; the accuracy of the results reach 90-95%. In addition, there is still the traditional way that can be done to determine the fertile period; ie by checking the mucus of the female genital. If the lender is elastic, most likely the women is in fertile conditions; and vice versa. However, the test is considered less representative. 

Another method of calculating fertile period is by using the menstrual cycle. The fertile period is generally in the week after the completion of the menstrual period. The data must be prepared to calculate the fertile period by calculating the menstrual period, among others, is the length of the menstrual period, the menstrual cycle interval (generally 28 until 31 days), and the first day of the last menstrual period. The calculation of this model can now be accessed in various health websites about pregnancy.

By knowing the fertile period, Mommy may calculate the pregnancy or at least the possibility. It can also help Mommy to prepare for a pregnancy; so when Mommy eventually becomes pregnant, Mommy is already in a good shape, both physically and mentally so that the pregnancy goes smoothly without any significant obstacles.