What are the Early Pregnancy Signs?

Written by: Redaksi Klikdokter.com

Apa sih Tanda-Tanda Awal Kehamilan?

There are many pregnancy signs that Mommy can feel in the beginning of pregnancy. But once again, despite these pregnancy signs are commonly felt by pregnant women, Mommy needs to do further check to the ob/gyn to make sure whether Mommy is really pregnant. 

Usually, the first thing to do by a woman when she is feeling an early pregnancy sign is using the test pack bought in the supermarkets and pharmacies nearby. 

If the result is positive, Mommy can directly check to the ob/gyn or midwife. But one thing to remember, it is better to check the pregnancy to the ob/gyn in the second month of pregnancy, because it is difficult to detect the existence of the fetus with ultrasound in the early stages of pregnancy or even cannot be felt during palpation check (rubbing the belly). For this reason, Mommy needs to wait for some time if she wants to check directly to the experts.

Well for now, what Mommy can do is preparing the physical and mental condition beforehand. This is because of some changes that will appear after Mommy is experiencing pregnancy signs. 

For the husband, it is expected to provide support for the Mommy in order to deal with a pregnancy smoothly. Give greater understanding for Mommy and if possible, the husband also creates an atmosphere of harmonious and peaceful house so that Mommy will feel calmer about this pregnancy.

For physical preparation, Mommy can start to maintain the stamina and not being too tired but still has to move for the development of fetus. Do special exercises for pregnant women, eat more nutritious foods so the nutrition intake for Mommy and the fetus are completed, and don’t forget to drink water regularly. If necessary, Mommy can also drink the milk for pregnant women and multivitamins.

In addition to the pregnancy signs, Mommy needs to broaden the knowledge about pregnancy. Read a variety of books or magazines in order to have a better understanding about what will happen and things to be prepared during prenatal and post partum period. If some complaints persist, it is strongly advised that Mommy immediately consults the experts, such as ob/gyn or midwife. 

After obtaining this information, don’t believe in the myths anymore since they will affect Mommy’s mindset towards the pregnancy itself.