What are the Healthy Pregnancy Tips during the Second Trimester?

Written by: Redaksi Klikdokter.com

Apa Saja Tips Hamil Sehat Trimester Dua?

The second trimester of pregnancy means the fetus begins to enter the age of thirteen weeks. This period lasts for four to six months of pregnancy. Currently, the fetus is able to insert a thumb into his mouth. It weighs approximately 13-20 grams, but has started to swallow food.

At this stage, the placenta has been formed so that the process of transferring nutrients, oxygen, and the rest of the metabolism of the fetus can be done well. The development of the fetus senses begin to occur in this period so that there are some important things to maintain a healthy pregnancy and prevent abnormalities of the fetus senses later.

Common Problems 

The fetal development in the second trimester is very intensive so that Mommy may experience some problems. Hence, there are some healthy pregnancy tips that need to consider. These tips are useful to overcome the problems that often appear as fluid retention that causes swelling in the belly, impaired blood flow that can lead to varicose veins and hemorrhoids, and an increase in pregnancy hormones resulting in constipation. 

In the second trimester of pregnancy, the fetus will move in a regular interval. Fetus will rest in the morning until the afternoon and starts moving at night so Mommy will have sleeping difficulties. Although it happens at regular intervals, there are things to consider since the importance of the stage of formation of organs and senses happens in this period. This stage becomes the stage that requires extra attention as other stages of pregnancy. 

Important Matters

On entering the five-month pregnancy, the fetus has begun to feel the sensation. There are some important things that need to be done at this stage. Mommy is advised not to take the goods by way of bending as it can suppress the baby in the stomach. It can be harmful for the formation of the body and senses.

Carrying heavy items is also not recommended. Sudden movements should be avoided because mommy muscles prone to cramps that harm the baby. Breast care becomes very important that milk production will be sufficient for the baby later. At this stage, Mommy’s organs must work harder because the fetus already started metabolism process which is fully supported by Mommy’s organs. 

Entering the sixth month of pregnancy, Mommy also needs to concern more about nutrition rather than precautionary measures for some disturbances. At this stage, Mommy’s diet really needs extra attention. Apart from having constipation problem, Mommy needs to give a lot of nutrition for the fetal growth and development. 

It is recommended for Mommy to increase the consumption of protein, grains, fruits, and green vegetables. Consumption of some foods also need to be reduced especially those containing fat, sugar, and salt. Foods with high mercury levels such as swordfish and king mackerel should also be avoided, replaced by the consumption of healthy fish like salmon, catfish, tuna, or shrimp.