Stomach Massage During Pregnancy, Is It Dangerous?

Written by: Redaksi

Pijat Perut Saat Hamil, Berbahaya Nggak Sih?

Relaxation is one of the things needed by everyone to make the mind and body become refreshed. There are many ways that we can do for relaxation, one of which is with a massage.

Currently, Mommy may be familiar with abdominal massage for pregnant women. The question is whether it is really necessary, and what benefits can be gained from this kind of massage?

Many Benefits

Actually, abdominal pregnancy massage has many benefits. The first is readjusting the position of the fetus due to various movements in the womb. There are many cases of labor process which are difficult, even dangerous because the position of the fetus is not normal. This abdominal pregnancy passage may solve this problem. 

In addition, abdominal massage also serves to increase circulation of blood to the abdomen. It is very necessary because the muscles of the abdomen and waist muscles are needed to sustain the fetus and carry the fetus when the pregnant women are traveling.

By having the massage, these muscles can be relaxed and it may also eliminate fatigue in the muscles which can result in injury.

This abdominal pregnancy massage is also useful for the skin health. Because the skin will be stretched along with the growth of the fetus in the womb, then the massage can once again relax the abdomen. Thus, the skin can be supple again and the massage can also prevent the occurrence of cellulite scars when the childbirth process is completed. 

Things to Consider

Even though the abdominal pregnancy massage has many benefits indeed, there are many doctors who don’t recommend, even forbid this kind of massage. It is feared that the abdominal pregnancy massage may affect the fetus in the womb. Ranging from physical abnormalities on the baby until the most dangerous consequences, which is the death of the baby. 

Therefore, before having the abdominal pregnancy massage, the pregnant women should consult an ob/gyn and also look for the professionals who are really trained and experienced in this field in order to minimize the risk. 

In addition, Mommy’s gestational age is also important. Once again, in order to prevent the undesirable effects of the abdominal pregnancy massage, then the appropriate gestational age is 5 months or more. At that time, the fetus is strong enough.

If there is a contraction or a rash on the skin, the massage is also supposed to be stopped to avoid things that are not desirable. Basically, abdominal pregnancy massage is not necessarily done.

Even though there are certain benefits of this kind of massage, Mommy may look for more methods which are safer and may give much more secure and provide equal benefits or more than what we can get from the abdominal massage.