Causes of Infection in Pregnancy and How to Overcome It

Written by: Redaksi

Sebab-Sebab Infeksi pada Kehamilan dan Cara Mengatasinya

Pregnancy is certainly a moment that a woman has been waiting for. However, this moment is very susceptible to Mommy. Mommy must pay attention to many things so that the fetus in the womb as well as Mommy can stay healthy and happy until childbirth.

Normal pregnancy will bring many challenges for Mommy. One such challenge is an infection in pregnancy. In fact, it is not just the Mommy who is susceptible to infection. Women in general also have the same susceptibility to infections, especially fungal infections. Being well-informed about this pregnancy tips can help Mommy to avoid pregnancy disorders such as infections. 

Fungal infections are one of the very common types of infection experienced by pregnant women. However, pregnant women do not need to worry too much because most of these conditions do not lead to the emergence of the dangerous signs of pregnancy. There are some things that should normally be the cause of fungal infections in pregnant women.

The first cause is the hormonal changes that occur during early pregnancy. These changes happen to prepare the womb to be able to support the development of the fetus and it is already quite commonly experienced by women who undergo hormonal changes before menstruation cycle. These hormonal changes can also be caused by the consumption of hormone pills or contraceptives.

Fungal infections can also be caused by high sugar levels in the blood. Consumption of steroids or antibiotics is also another cause of yeast infection. This condition can also be caused by blood or semen or vaginal heating during intercourse.

Treatment of fungal infections in pregnant women cannot be ignored. The obstetrician or midwife will probably recommend vaginal creams or medications for external use only and give pregnancy tips for pregnant women as needed. Oral medication for yeast infection has not been proven safe for pregnant women. However, fungal infections need to be treated in order not to be transmitted through the mouth of the baby during childbirth.

Another type of pregnancy diseases is urinary tract infections. The disease is not dangerous as long as it is properly handled. The cause of this infection is bacterial. Under normal circumstances, urine contains no bacteria. However, the bacteria can be found naturally in the skin, lower large intestine, and feces. If the bacteria get into the urinary system, the bacteria will multiply and cause irritation and pain.

Bacteria can enter the urinary tract due to heating before sexual intercourse. Contamination of faecal bacteria could also be other reasons. Enlargement of the uterus can impede portion and increase the risk of urinary tract infection. The use of catheters or high sugar levels in the blood can also cause urinary tract infections.

Certain antibiotics will be prescribed by physicians to treat these infections. Prescription is needed because the use of antibiotics during pregnancy needs to be tightly controlled. Antibiotics will normally be consumed around 3-5 days. Hopefully these pregnancy tips are useful for Mommy.