Complaints that Will Be Experienced by Pregnant Women during First Trimester of Pregnancy

Written by: Redaksi

Keluhan Umum pada Ibu Hamil di Trimester Awal Kehamilan

Pregnancy is certainly considered as a joyful thing. Especially for pregnant women, pregnancy requires a lot of attention. Mommy is frequently having problems in the first trimester of pregnancy. Here we will discuss some of these complaints. So what are the complaints? The information below can be used as a handy reference. Mommy needs to pay close attention to the following information.

There are many complaints during the first semester experienced by Mommy. The first is the appearance of acne on the chest. The cause is hormonal. Some other places are the neck, back and face. Paying attention to the food consumption becomes very important to maintain Mommy’s quality appearance. The second is the growth of hair. Not just the hair on the head, but also at some places such as the face, hands, genitals and armpits, they will also experience more hair growth. The next is the issue or dry eye disorders. The cause is also due to hormonal changes during pregnancy.

Another complaint is frequent drooling. The saliva during pregnancy period is certainly uncontrolled. This will create another problem for Mommy. The main cause is the excessive fluid during pregnancy that Mommy has. Not only salivary fluid, other fluids also increased. This is also the reason why Mommy urinates frequently. Mommy certainly has many problems with this, right?

Another disorder is the breast disorder. The disorder is regarding Mommy’s breast enlargement. Mommy’s breast will also be softer and Mommy will frequently feel more pain on the breasts. Next issue is wetness in the vaginal area. The reason is the same as those already described above. It is about increasing the amount of body fluids. For most Mommies, this is certainly a big problem.

There is one more problem during the first trimester of pregnancy. It is about palpitations and nasal congestion. This is certainly an uncomfortable thing.