Coping with Pregnancy Disorder, Sleeping Difficulties

Written by: Redaksi

Cara Mengatasi Ibu Hamil Susah Tidur Saat Hamil Muda

Pregnancy disorder which is common for pregnant women is sleeping difficulties. The bigger size of the stomach inhibits Mommy to move properly during sleeping. The main cause for this sleeping difficulty is the disruption of mind. Mommy who will give birth to her first child would feel anxious prior to the labor moment. There are many haunting thoughts or worries, whether the baby will be healthy or whether he can get through the labor. Anxiety is very reasonable for the pregnant women giving birth for the first time.

If the problem is not immediately addressed, it would be harmful to the health of the mother and the fetus. There are some useful tips to overcome this pregnancy disorders, one of those is regarding the sleeping style of the pregnant women.

  1. Find a comfortable sleeping position. The recommended position is leaning on right side in order to facilitate the blood circulation to the fetus.
  2. Take a warm bath with aromatherapy. Warm water with aromatherapy can refresh the body and create a feeling of relaxation. If the body is fresh, then the woman will sleep soundly.
  3. Reduce eating before sleeping at night. Replace it with a glass of warm milk and biscuits.
  4. Music can also help you sleep soundly because it will make the body relaxed and comfortable.
  5. Perform regular sexual intercourse during pregnancy. It will also create a relaxed and casual atmosphere.
  6. Breathing exercise also reduces sleeping difficulty. Mommy should also do simple exercise such as gymnastics or breathing exercises like yoga. The practice of yoga is generally done by breathing in and holding the breath for 1-2 seconds. Then release slowly through the mouth several times. Breathing exercises should be continued on a regular basis.
  7. Improve the spiritual life. Improving the spiritual life will provide calming feeling for Mommy and trigger the hormone serotonin which can stimulate happiness. Surrender all anxiety that Mommy is feeling to God so that He will make the pregnancy feels easier. By doing so, all the pregnancy disorders will slowly be minimized.