Fetal Development as it Enters the Third Trimester

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Perkembangan Janin saat memasuki Trimester Ketiga

Pregnancy is certainly a thing mostly awaited by all married couples. But there are still many who do not know how to do the best in their pregnancies.

The most important fact is about how to anticipate things that occur during pregnancy are primarily at three levels of pregnancy. This article will discuss the third trimester of pregnancy.

As an expectant mother, mommy must begin to know how to prepare everything in pregnancy while entering the third trimester. Therefore, it is necessary to know what is happening on the development of the third trimester. The topic must be Mommy’s anxiety due to the final stage of pregnancy and having to make preparations for the child birth.

Fetal development

In the third trimester of pregnancy phase, of course, there are many changes that occur both in the mother and baby.

In the seventh month of pregnancy, mommy needs to know that there are some significant changes that occur as contraction and stiffness in the abdomen, pain in the joints of the spine aches, shortness of breath, chills. In addition, mommy will also feel the increasing maternal instinct, and also swelling not only on the hands but also some parts of feet. Regarding the fetal development, he’s able to hear optimally so that he will be more responsive to sound, light, even pain. Fetal position changes of course be a significant development. Next is the increasing number of fatty deposits on the baby. Regarding weight, the baby has weight ranging from 1 to 1.8 kg.

The next development phase of the third trimester of pregnancy is when entering the eighth month. What happens in this phase is that the mother often has the desire to urinate because of the growing size of the baby, her weakened body condition due to increasingly heavy burden because of the growing size of the baby, the ligaments are stretched so often cause back pain, sleep disturbance because the baby often move, and also constipation. Regarding the condition of the baby, he would often kick in the womb of course. Brain development is also very quickly  and also the entire organ has begun to take shape except lung function which is still lacking. The baby is about 45 cm long and weighs 2 to 2.7 kg.

When entering the ninth month of pregnancy, the conditions of mommy and the fetus have changed. At 9 months, the mother will often experience back pain, often anxious because getting closer to the child birth moment, abdominal skin itch, increasing frequency of bowel movements, and many mommy experience a contraction. Regarding the condition of the baby, a significant development is the lungs which are almost perfectly formed, reflex coordination has been nicely formed, changing the position of the baby that is ready to enter the phase of birth, as well as physical improvements. In the ninth mommy will know that the length of the baby is 46 cm and the weight is 3 to 3.5 kg.