How to Prevent Hypertension During Pregnancy

Written by: Redaksi

Tips Mencegah Hipertensi Saat Hamil

Pregnancy is a special moment. Pregnancy should really be well-maintained. The fetus and the mother should always be in prime condition. Make sure that the fetus grows perfectly until birth. There are many things that may harm the health of the mother and fetus. One that could endanger the pregnancy is hypertension. The mother-to-be should be more vigilant with this because it is very dangerous.

There are several ways to anticipate. Here are some tips that can be done. First, identify the type of hypertension that may occur. Pregnant women can be exposed to gestational hypertension. This is a type of hypertension caused by pregnancy condition. Another risk that may occur is kidney damage. Gestational hypertension may also be at risk to other organs.

You should know that a severe hypertension is extremely dangerous. The severe level of gestational hypertension is preeclampsia. Preeclampsia can kill the mother and the fetus inside the womb. This condition is commonly found since Week 20 of pregnancy. Preeclampsia can be detected from urine protein levels. In severe conditions, this may affect the brain, liver and other organs. If neglected, preeclampsia will interfere with the fetal growth. The fetus may grow abnormally and become premature babies, and at risk of death.

Let’s identify the preventions for preeclampsia. Firstly, reduce obesity prior to pregnancy because it is dangerous. Obesity causes and exacerbates hypertension. Secondly, consult your doctor before planning a pregnancy. Third, control the hypertension with exercise. Eat less salt. Fourth, avoid alcohol and cigarettes. Fifth, take medication with doctor supervision. When already suffered from hypertension, earlier labor process is the only way to overcome this condition. 

Control the pregnancy regularly so that the hypertension could be detected earlier. If it is detected earlier, the obstetrician may provide a solution. Do not forget to do plenty of rest and eat enough healthy foods. Reduce the work that is too heavy like lifting weights. Also avoid the stress that can lead to hypertension.

Gestational hypertension can also be suppressed by consuming protein, such as fish, fruits and eggs.