Ideal Criteria of Special Milk for Pregnant Women

Written by: Redaksi

Perubahan Bentuk Payudara saat Hamil, Seperti Apa?

Special milk for pregnant women intake are needed for mommy who is now pregnant. This is because this milk is rich in several nutrients that are needed. By increasing milk consumption, mommy’s body and baby who is in the womb needs of these nutrients can be properly fulfilled.

Milk should not be consumed too haphazardly. It is better that pregnant women choose a nice milk and rich in various nutrients which are good for the development of the fetus such as calcium, protein, vitamin D, and many other important types of substances. Here are some of the benefits of Special Milk for Pregnant Women, complete with nutritional content information.

Protein and Calcium

There are several benefits of protein and calcium substances in milk that must be consumed by a pregnant mommy. Benefits of protein substances in special milk for pregnant women helps to shape and improve body tissues such as muscle, skin heart, liver, and bone in the mommy’s body.

Then the next protein benefit is to help the formation of amniotic fluid, blood, and placenta to the fetus. Next, the content of protein substances role is very active in the body to form antibodies. Aside from milk, pregnant mommy can increase the protein intake of other food items such as beans, tofu, fermented soy bean, and other processed nuts.

While calcium is required by the fetus for the formation of bones and teeth, calcium in the body is also very good for breastfeeding preparation (ASI) later. Then the other benefits of calcium as a substance that is needed in the process of blood clotting and as a calcium reserve. The body will use the calcium of the mother if the fetus requires it. When the mother's calcium supply is less, then the mother would be susceptible to osteoporosis.

Vitamin D and Iron

So, what are the benefits of vitamin D for pregnant women? The benefits are huge. Vitamin D will serve as a substance that helps the absorption of calcium in the blood so that the process of the formation of bones and teeth in the fetus would be perfect. In addition, the absorption of calcium needed by the fetus will also greatly assist in the formation of cell tissues in the body of the fetus.

Iron is also equally beneficial both for the mommy and the fetus in her womb. This iron will prevent mommy and her fetus from suffering anemia. The formation of red blood cells will increase the amount of iron into mommy’s body. 

One more substances contained in special milk for pregnant women, is vitamin A. Vitamin A has a number of important benefits for mommy and her fetus. The benefits include: helping the formation enamel at the gum, increasing the body's defense against infection and helping the formation of tissues (nails, teeth, hair, and vision) and bone in the fetus.