Here's How to Calculate Estimated Childbirth Costs

Written by: Redaksi

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After knowing about the good news about pregnancy, Mommy and the husband needs to prepare everything properly. Not only maintaining health during pregnancy and preparing the mental condition towards the childbirth, but also preparing the budget during pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum period. It is very important that the baby get excellent health care guarantee from both parents.

It's important for the couple to save money so that they can meet the budget from pregnancy to postpartum period. If the labor time which is long-awaited comes, Mommy is ready with the required cost on hands. The investment idea seems urgent to be applied so that Mommy will have no problem to finance the labor process. 

Normal Delivery Vs C-Section 

Try to do a normal delivery if there is no health problem that requires Mommy to undergo a Caesarean Section (C-Section). In addition to the higher cost of C-Section, the recovery of normal childbirth delivery is also much faster. 

The costs required for Caesarean Section is more expensive, approximately double that of a normal delivery. For example, if normal delivery costs around Rp. 10 million, the C-Section may cost around Rp. 20 million.

Not to mention the cost of post-operative treatment and a special room for the Mommy who has C-Section. It is advisable to use the budget for the baby’s needs rather than spending it for the C-Section operation. 

It is really advantageous to keep the labor cost difference if possible to meet the needs for Mommy and the baby after childbirth. It is wiser and more beneficial. 

To determine the estimated cost of childbirth, ask the staff at the hospital where Mommy conducts prenatal care. Hospitals normally have specific packages which already include the cost of labor as well as treatment for several days after delivery. Do not hesitate to get information from surrounding hospitals corresponding to Mommy’s estimated childbirth costs. 

For Mommy who has limited budget for childbirth due to the financial condition of the family, Mommy can use the government facility in the form of Jampersal (Childbirth Warranty), which was established as a response to reduce the mortality rate of Mother and the Baby. 

Mommy can ask for the assistance of the village officers or local government to obtain this kind of Jampersal. With this kind of program and facility, the safety of Mothers and Babies will improve and the labor cost will be less.