4 Reasons Why Consuming Milk is Important for Pregnant Women

Written by: Redaksi Klikdokter.com

4 Alasan Pentingnya Mengkonsumsi Susu Bagi Ibu Hamil

The debate about the need for supplementation of pregnant women still continues to exist. Many say that the milk for pregnant women is hazardous to health. But in the reality, consuming milk for pregnant women can actually provide the best nutrition for the development of the fetus and the baby's health at birth.

Just as prenatal vitamins, most milk for pregnant women is specially formulated for particular nutrients. Folic acid, choline, DHA, iron, and calcium are essential nutrients that must be present in the milk for pregnant women.

  • Folic acid and choline are essential before and during pregnancy. The main reason is to support the baby's growth and support the baby's nerve system. Keep in mind that the baby's nerve system is the most important. This is the first system formed.
  • The content of DHA. In choosing milk for pregnant women, this content is the main content. DHA is a type of fat that is beneficial and important in the regulation of the hormonal changes that occurs at Mommy’s body.
  • Iron is an essential mineral that is often associated with blood because the mother's blood volume increases dramatically. Pregnant women iron is needed to deliver oxygen and to send nutrients for the mother and baby.
  • The calcium content. It is a fundamental requirement that is needed for the formation of the heart, nerves, bones, and muscles.

It is true that milk for pregnant women needs to be consumed, but Mommy still needs to be careful in selecting the brand.