Keeping Pregnancy of Stress

Written by: Redaksi

Yuk, Hindari Stres di Masa Kehamilan Ibu!

Maybe mommy has heard many stories of uncomfortable pregnancy. But, in fact a lot more fun things happen when mommy is pregnant. Let's check the interesting facts when being pregnant so that mommy can maintain good pregnancy.

1. Husband’s Attention

Mommy pregnancy would make her husband gives more attention, affection and prefer to give in to the demands.

2. Beautiful Skin

During the pregnancy, mommy’s skin will look more beautiful. Why? Mommy will feel thirsty frequently during the pregnancy so that mommy has to consume a lot of water. Sufficient water is very good to the skin smoothness and retains moisture. That's why many pregnant mothers look beautiful.

3. Beautiful Hair

During the pregnancy, estrogen hormone increases. This will affect mommy’s hair. Hair loss will not happen and Mommy’s hair will be thicker.

4. Eat Delicious Food

Because doctors recommend mommy not to diet, mommy can enjoy all the good food. Mommy does not have to worry about obesity because mommy’s body will change proportionally after childbirth. But mommy still has to maintain the pregnancy with exercise.

5. VIP

Being pregnant means that mommy will have a lot of privileges. There are many VIP treatments that mommy can get. Mommy can be more expressive during pregnancy. This is particularly for mommy’s clothes. No need to worry about the judgment of others. As long as it is comfortable, mommy can wear it.

6. Fun Sex

Sex during pregnancy is also a pleasant thing. Mommy and her husband will experience different things. Mommy and her husband will feel closer. The resulting sensation is also not forgotten.

7. When Babies in the Womb Moving

Babies in the womb also play a major role. Feel when mommy hears the heartbeat or when the baby moves for the first time. This would make mommy really happy. Pain or discomfort will disappear by itself.

8. Capture the Mommy Pregnancy Moment.

With this, the husband can help mommy. Create photo of mommy’s belly regularly. Photos will be a memorable moment after childbirth.

Sekarang, mommy tidak perlu khawatir dan takut selama menjaga kehamilan. Kehamilan yang sedang mommy jalani akan menjadi hal terindah dalam hidup dan mommy pasti tidak akan menyesalinya.


Now, mommy does not need to worry and feel afraid for maintaining pregnancy. Pregnancy period which is being experienced will be the best thing in life and mommy will definitely not regret it.