Main Criteria in Choosing Obstetrician

Written by: Redaksi

Kriteria Penting dalam Memilih Dokter Kandungan yang Tepat

Ob/Gyn has a very important role for mommies who are undergoing pregnancy. These specialists will be a health consultant for mommies during pregnancy with the goal of keeping mommy and baby in the womb stay healthy.

The Ob/Gyn role makes mommy obliged to regularly consult the pregnancy to check the condition of mommy’s pregnancy. Before choosing an Ob/Gyn, it is good for mommy to see some tips on choosing an Ob/Gyn below.

Selecting Male or Female?

The first tips, select obstetricians who can make mommy feel comfortable. For example mommy feels more comfortable with women Ob/Gyn compared to men. It depends on the mommy itself.

Then the second tips, mommy should choose Ob/Gyn whose practice location is close to mommy’s home or office where mommy works. No need to choose a doctor who is famous or popular but has long queue that mommy should face every time mommy will consult.

Third tips, ensure that the Ob/Gyn who mommy has selected holds the obstetrician title. When mommy has trouble in finding it, mommy can ask for references from friends or family.

Fourth tips, when mommy is planning to provide exclusive breastfeeding, choose an obstetrician who agrees with mommy so mommy can do the practice of early initiation of breastfeeding.

Next, select an Ob/Gyn who is easily be contacted at all times. For example if mommy is facing certain symptoms related to the pregnancy, mommy can easily contact an Ob/gyn. It is not impossible that the symptoms are appearing to be sudden and need necessary medical treatment from the Ob/gyn.

It is better for Mommy to choose the appropriate Ob/Gyn with mommy’s financial ability. For example, mommy can choose an Ob/Gyn who can cooperate with the office where mommy works or an Ob/Gyn who has worked closely with a particular insurance company.


Other factors that need to be considered in choosing an obstetrician/gynecologist is the experience of the Ob/Gyn that mommy selects. Generally, an Ob/Gyn who is trusted has high hours of practice for several years.

In addition to experience, mommy also needs to choose an ob/Gyn who is careful and thorough in terms of diagnosis mommy’s pregnancy. Consultation sessions such as to hear and answer the patient's questions and concerns will also be a plus point for an Ob/Gyn to choose from a lot of people.

Other factors that need to consider when choosing an obstetrician is where he has practice. General hospitals, maternity hospitals, or private home as a practice are some practice places of some Ob/Gyn that mommy chooses.

To feel more comfortable, Mommy should select a doctor who practiced in a private practice. By selecting these practice places, consultation schedule could be adjusted with the working hours in the office