Pregnant Women Tips for Safe and Comfortable Driving

Written by: Redaksi

Tips Ibu Hamil untuk Berkendara dengan Aman & Nyaman

In today's modern era , many mommy who bring their own vehicle while traveling . Moreover, if this is not the first pregnancy mommy so mommy still had to take the brother to school . Is driving dangerous during pregnancy ? Actually not dangerous if mommy knows how to maintain good pregnancy while driving . Therefore mommy must know tips pregnant women in order to avoid a hazard for driving your own car .

The older the pregnancy , the stomach will also be getting bigger and the closer the distance of the abdomen with the steering wheel . Here's what mommy needs to pay attention and be extra careful when driving . If mommy had to drive long distances , take the time to make sure mommy urinating in the moment of the trip . Undeniably, the greater the fetus in the womb , the more the desire to urinate .

When driving , taking the mommy must also stop to rest . Driving for 30 minutes can spend extra energy in pregnant women , especially if the streets crowded and jammed . Stop to simply eliminate fatigue and touching stomach and use this opportunity to stretch the body .

When the pregnancy reaches 30 weeks of age , driving mommy is not recommended anymore . At this age , the stomach is getting bigger , even to enter and exit the car must have been difficult . Invite your husband to deliver to the destination mommy . This will keep mommy pregnancy before birth .

Tips to other pregnant women while driving is that mommy always wear a seatbelt . This also applies when mommy was a passenger . In addition to safety , the seat belt will keep a fetus from all possibilities . Seat belts need not be feared as a tool that can interfere with the fetus . This has been proved by the research in the Journal of American Health . So , mommy does not have to worry , because they assert that the seatbelt is safe , as long as the correct usage . However , there are some cases where the doctors forbid the use of seat belts when driving so that the fetus is not depressed .

Belt usage is certainly not fit in the stomach . In the event of the blows , the seat belt will hold the weight , because the driver's seat belt is not designed to be thrown from the car . The part that is restrained by the shoulder belt , so that the stomach will not be twisted and the fetus will not be interested in the belt .

For convenient use of seat belts , make sure mommy is not wearing in the stomach , but in the shoulder and under the belly . It is useful to keep the pregnancy mommy tummy that will not be twisted and the fetus will not be interested in the belt . Hopefully the above tips pregnant women , the pregnant mommy can still drive safely and comfortably .