Benefits of Music for Fetal Brain Development

Written by: Redaksi

Manfaat Musik Untuk Perkembangan Otak Janin

Intelligence of children can be maximized early on. The process can be initiated when the fetus was 24 weeks . At this age , the fetus is able to hear . This is why the fetus reacted when hearing the sound and according to some pregnant women tips on smart babies can be created by listening to music . Really?

The fetus is able to hear sounds from the outside through the amniotic fluid that delivers sound waves from the outer ear to the fetus . According to research , music can affect fetal brain . Initially , classical music is considered the most influential music for the intelligence of the fetus , it 's because the rhythm can stimulate fetal brain .

Research is continuing and the results developed . The researchers found all the music has the same function . All good music to stimulate the brain of the fetus . Pop , rock dangdut can be played even in the fetus .

So mommy does not have to be afraid to try it . The fetus will not get any bad influence on the music he heard. Music is able to stimulate the growth of the brain . But making music on a fetus in the womb does not mean it will add to the intelligence of the fetus . Music will only maximize brain growth and listening to music does not make the fetus becomes more sensitive hearing .

In addition , music can also soothe mommy . If listening to favorite music , not just the mommy to be relaxed . The fetus would be able to feel it . Mommy does not need to impose listen to classical music because it will actually make mommy and baby are not relaxed .

If mommy wants to sing , then sing . Mommy voice can soothe even the fetus , this may be the beginning of the relationship between mother and child . Mommy serenity when pregnant is very important . When mommy stress , fetal growth may also be disrupted .

However , too often give the fetus listening to music through headphones directly in the abdomen of pregnant women is not the right tips . Because this would be disturbing the peace of the fetus in utero . Why is that ? Inside there is a lot of noise mommy belly . There was the sound of a heartbeat, there was the sound of water flowing and the sound digestive system works . Additional sounds of music can be confusing even to the fetus .

Now mommy already know about the tips pregnant women to listen to music that is good for the fetus . Not only classical music , music of any type proved to have the same efficacy in educating a baby . Please try ya mommy !