PRENAGEN PPEJ, Golden Period to Prepare Children's Future

Written by: Redaksi

PRENAGEN PPEJ, Periode Emas Siapkan Masa Depan Anak

Having a child with a bright future is desirable for all parents. However, preparing the future of the child should be started as early as possible, even before the child existed in the mother's womb. Therefore, the nutrition consumed by the mother gives significant influence on the children’s development. 


Unfortunately, there are many mothers who do not prepare for the future of the children since early age due to lack of knowledge. In fact, so many resources can be accessed to enrich the knowledge about nutrition and health.


One of the events regarding the knowledge about nutrition and health held by PRENAGEN is titled PRENAGEN Pregnancy Educational Journey. With the concept of interactive talk show entitled "Golden Period to Prepare the Children for the Future", The mother will obtain a lot of valuable information directly from an expert, dr. Boy Abidin, SpOG and Irene F. Mongkar as an expert on child stimulation. The event will be held in 10 major cities, so this opportunity is broadly possible to be participated by all mothers in Indonesia. 


With only Rp 100,000 for the ticket, the mother may get broad insight to prepare the future of the children, such as the proper stimulation and nutrition in an interactive way. The mother will also get PRENAGEN Pregnancy Educational Journey Guide Book, cool t-shirts, PRENAGEN products, snacks, and lunch. The mother also has an opportunity to get a door prize of iPad mini. Isn’t it exciting? For mothers who want to be fit, this event will also include PRENAGEN  Belly Dance that will help mothers to stay fit during pregnancy.


Just register to participate in this attractive event. The latest information regarding PREGNANCY Prenagen Educational Journey is displayed on facebook fanpage PRENAGEN World and Twitter @PrenagenWorld. Don’t miss it, limited seat only ? 


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