Understanding Safe Intimate Positions During Pregnancy

Written by: Redaksi Klikdokter.com

Memahami Posisi Berhubungan Intim yang Aman Selama Kehamilan

During pregnancy, many couples are afraid to have a sexual intercourse. They think sex is harmful to the fetus. This is not true because sex during pregnancy is safe if it is done properly.

Pregnant women usually have a high sexual desire; however, the position during intercourse needs to be really observed. The following positions are considerably safe for a sexual intercourse during pregnancy.

Firstly, the normal sex during 0-12 weeks. Any position is permitted at this gestational age. Secondly, the doggy style position and tilted position. These positions are for over 12 weeks of pregnancy. It should be noted that the movements do not give much shock for fetus. Woman sitting on top is also good at this age. Be careful during penetration and pulling out. Because the fetus is still very small although it is considerably safe. 

For week 29 to week 36 of pregnancy, the tilted position or sitting position are highly recommended. Doggy style is still permitted, but prop up with pillows so the stomach will be comfortable. If you want to try another position, try to do it really carefully.

The easiest is the woman-on-top position. With this position, it is easier for Mommy to manage the right position for Mommy and also the fetus in the womb. The husband can sit comfortably on the chair or on the bed. Let Mommy move actively because Mommy will be able to adapt with the pregnancy.

If the woman's condition is not in the mood, change the position of sex with blowjob or just masturbation. Mommy can also consult a doctor if necessary.