Composition of Pregnant Milk to Pay Attention to

Written by: Redaksi

Komposisi Susu Hamil yang Perlu Diperhatikan

Mommy must be very pleased when the doctor informed her that she is pregnant. The pregnancy period is essential for Mommy and the baby. It is important to always pay attention to nutrition that will be given to fetus in the womb. Mommy should not be too tired or stressed because the mother’s mental condition will also affect the health of the unborn baby. 

When Mommy is pregnant, many people recommend to drink special milk for pregnancy. There are so many brands for the pregnant women available in the market. The benefits are varied, with so many flavors so that Mommy will not get bored easily. 

Usually there is special milk to reduce nausea symptom in early pregnancy. This milk will greatly help mothers who cannot eat any food. Milk also contains many nutrients that are important for both mother and baby.

However, not all types of milk are good for Mommy. Mommy needs to ensure the content of the milk. For Mommy which is expecting a pregnancy, there are some opinions that say pregnant milk can accelerate pregnancy.

Milk Benefits

Mommy does not need to be afraid or anxious when Mommy is still hoping to get pregnant.  When preparing for pregnancy, Mommy may still drink milk for pregnant women due to the good composition in the milk which can make the ovaries become stronger so that it will speed up the pregnancy.

Actually, what kind of composition which is best for pregnancy preparation? Pre-pregnancy milk must contain folic acid which is excellent to prepare a place for the fetus in the womb. In addition, folic acid will also reduce the risk of birth defects and babies with bone abnormalities. 

Then, find out about the milk with iron and vitamin C. Iron is very good because it will add oxygen to the mother and the fetus later on when Mommy is pregnant. Iron is also very good to prepare for baby's brain development.

Besides, the pre-pregnancy milk should contain fatty acids as fatty acids would make the mother free of heart disease and is very good for making babies cleverer. 

Choosing Tips

Before Mommy buys milk before pregnancy or pre-pregnancy, Mommy needs to re-examine whether the above nutrients are contained in the pre-pregnancy milk that Mommy wants to buy. Besides, consult the doctor regarding the selection of the pre-pregnancy milk. 

For Mommy who has problems with certain diseases, Mommy should be more selective in choosing pre-pregnancy milk so that it will not exacerbate the disease. In addition to pre-pregnancy milk, Mommy who wants to get pregnant must also meet additional vitamins. Vitamin A is important for mothers who want to become pregnant. Mommy may consume vitamin A or obtain it from a variety of foods, such as apricots, tomatoes, carrots, potatoes and mangoes.