The Need for Bed Rest to Maintain the Pregnancy

Written by: Redaksi

Perlunya Bed Rest Untuk Menjaga Kehamilan

Many medical experts advise pregnant women to perform a bed rest or total rest in order to maintain a healthy pregnancy.

Doctors who are members of The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, said that bed rest is strongly recommended for mothers who are aware of the risk of pre-term labor. This will make the mother totally rest and reduce the risk of miscarriage. 

Mommy is advisable to maintain the pregnancy by bed rest in order to maintain the baby's health. Do not perform too many activities during pregnancy as this would make the body weaker. A weak body can also make the fetus weak. Many medical experts also say that bed rest is usually recommended for underweight pregnant women. 

Bed rest also will reduce anxiety during the start and until the end first trimester in pregnancy period. Many mommies who experience stress during pregnancy because of the unnecessary feeling of anxiety. This feeling should be avoided because mommy shall keep her mental condition calm regarding the labor process. This method is required to be applied by mommies with pregnancy reaching 5 to 9 months, when the mommy’s belly has begun to swell. 

If mommy has a lot of activities, do light activities and avoid strenuous activities temporarily. If mommy pushes herself too hard, the consequences could be fatal to the womb. Now it is time to be familiar with enough bed rest so that mommy can maintain the pregnancy until the labor period.